Opti-Lube Summer+ Diesel Fuel Improver

  • $ 4316

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When the summer months bring warmer temperatures, use Opti-Lube Summer+ diesel fuel additive. Much like other Opti-Lube products, Summer+ improves diesel fuel lubricity, cleans and protects fuel system components from harmful deposits, and increases cetane ratings 3-5 points all without the unneeded anti gelling additives of other formulas. Make the most of every ounce of diesel fuel in your tank.

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Summer Blend Treatment Rates

Summer/Warm Climate Blend: 1 to 1500 (1 ounce per 10 gallons of fuel)
Minimum treatment rate: 1 to 3000 (1 ounce per 20 gallons of fuel)
1 4oz bottle treats 40 - 80 gallons of diesel fuel
1 8oz bottle treats 80 - 160 gallons of diesel fuel
1 quart treats 375 - 750 gallons of diesel fuel
1 gallon treats 1,500 - 3,000 gallons of diesel fuel
5 gallon pail treats 7,500 - 15,000 gallons of diesel fuel
55 gallon drum treats 82,500 - 165,000 gallons of diesel fuel

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